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2. Intellectual property rights
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This website is jointly developed and managed by the following three public institutions:

  • OVAM
    Stationsstraat, 110
    2800 Mechelen, Belgium
  • SPW
    Place Joséphine–Charlotte, 2
    5100 Jambes, Belgium
  • Brussels Environment
    Avenue du Port 86C/3000
    1000 Brussels, Belgium


Terms and conditions of use

Access to the information on this website is free of charge but implies acceptance by the user of the following general terms of use, intellectual property rights, personal data protection policy, cookie policy and hyperlinks and referrals.

1. General terms of use

The website is used at your own risk and the OVAM (Flemish public waste agency), SPW (Walloon public service) and Brussels Environment (Brussels environment agency) cannot be held liable for inaccuracies or incomplete information.

Information that is vitally important for the user should be checked for accuracy with the competent entity of the OVAM, SPW and/or Brussels Environment. Users of this website are not authorized to modify, copy, share, send, circulate, re-offer, reproduce, publish, hand over under license, transfer or sell any information, software, products or services that were obtained from this website or create derived works from the aforementioned elements, unless express permission is granted for this by the competent entity of the OVAM, SPW and/or Brussels Environment. With regard to the TOTEM trademark and the environmental impact data on this website, we refer to the provisions included under the heading Intellectual property rights.

The OVAM, SPW and Brussels Environment may not under any circumstances, in respect of any party whatsoever, directly or indirectly, be held liable for loss attributable to the use of this website or of another website, in particular further to links or hyperlinks including, without limitation, all losses, interruptions of work, damage to programs or other data on the computer system, hardware, software or similar of the user.

The links to other websites do not imply any agreement with the content of these websites and the OVAM, SPW and Brussels Environment are not responsible for the use made of these websites.

The OVAM, SPW and Brussels Environment are not responsible for opinions expressed by individuals other than their staff members in discussion groups, information groups, forums, etc.

2. Intellectual property rights

The trademark TOTEM was registered as follows with the European Union on 6 February 2020 for the classes of goods and services n° 9, 37, 41 and 42:  (n°017966835).

The environmental impact data on this website are based on the ecoinvent database (version 3.6). The environmental impact data in the ecoinvent database (more specifically LCIA and ecoinvent Background Data) are solely owned by ecoinvent Association (Zurich, Switzerland); these data are only licensed, not sold. The LCIA and ecoinvent Background Data are protected by national and international laws, such as copyright laws, database rights and/or treaties. ecoinvent reserves all intellectual property rights in and to LCIA and ecoinvent Background Data.

OVAM, SPW and Brussels Environment have a license to implement the ecoinvent Background Data in the environmental impact calculations in TOTEM. With this license, ecoinvent grants OVAM, SPW and Brussels Environment the non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited, revocable, and royalty-bearing right to implement ecoinvent Background Data in TOTEM.

This right includes the right of OVAM, SPW and Brussels Environment to grant, during the period of the licence, a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited, revocable right to TOTEM user to use the ecoinvent Background Data that are included in TOTEM for creating an unlimited number of internal or external, commercial or academic studies and reports. This right does not include the right to grant TOTEM users any rights to grant further rights regarding the ecoinvent Background Data to third parties (e.g. sub-sub-licensing right).

3. Hyperlinks and referrals

On or via the website, you are referred on to other websites of authorities, bodies or organisations by means of (hyper) links and you are referred to sources of information managed by third parties. The OVAM, Brussels Environment and SPW do not, therefore, have the possibility of exercising any control or have any authority over the technical aspects or content and consequently cannot give any guarantee regarding the completeness or accuracy of the content or the availability of these websites and sources of information. The hyperlinks to other websites contained in this website do not imply any ratification of the external website or its contents.

The links are offered to you for information purposes and for your convenience.

The OVAM, Brussels Environment and SPW therefore accept no liability for direct or indirect loss resulting from the consulting or use of such external websites and their content.

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