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19.2.2021Update of the TOTEM tool on February 19 2021

A TOTEM update was carried out on February 19 2021. The most important changes are: 

  • Additional EPD’s (Environmental Product Declarations):  An overview of the added EPDs since the last update can be found here
  • User profile information: The list of professions is extended in the user profile.
  • Search function library: From now on, the name of the producer of an EPD can be used in the search field of the library
  • Lambda value logic: When replacing a component, the lambda value is automatically adjusted to the default value of the selected component.
  • IFC/Excel/CSV import: Some additional instructions have been formulated for modelling a building based on an IFC file in order to increase the compatibility with the TOTEM tool.
  • Pdf report: In the pdf report, the parameters environmental score, U-value and total thickness have been added to the information in the input section (detail per element type).
  • Visibility of EPDs: In the element type donut graph, [EPD] is added in the legend to make a better distinction between generic data and EPDs. Furthermore, an “I” button is added for when an EPD is used as a replacement for a material within a component. This “I” button opens the details of the EPD.
  • Message for sharing a project: The instructions that are sent by e-mail when a project is shared with another user were rephrased and clarified.
  • TOTEM contacts: In order to facilitate sharing projects and elements, users with whom a project or an element from the personal library are shared, are now automatically added to your "TOTEM contacts.” These contacts can be consulted and managed in "My settings" on the home page.
  • Corrections in the component library (complete overview can be found here)

More details of this update are available here

This update may cause changes in the environmental costs of the library elements and of the elements of your projects. Therefore, when opening a project, an update procedure is suggested to you; we recommend that you choose the option "archive a copy of the current version and update the project to the latest version".  


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