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9.7.2021Update of the TOTEM tool on July 9 2021 

A TOTEM update was carried out on the 9th of June. The most important changes are:   

  • Totem newsletter subscription: users can now register for the TOTEM newsletter to stay informed about relevant TOTEM information such as updates, trainings, stakeholder meetings, …  
  • New version EN 15804+A2: This update brings the TOTEM-methodology in line with this revised standard which defines how Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) should be drawn up. In the previous version 14 main indicators (and their sub-indicators) were reported; in the new version this number is reduced to 12 main indicators and their sub-indicators. 
  • PEF weighting method: In the context of the new version of the European standard, a new aggregation method had to be chosen. The three Regions decided to use the PEF weighting set of the European Commission in the TOTEM tool. This means that the results are no longer expressed as an environmental cost in euro, but as an aggregated environmental impact in millipoints. More information on this method in the JRC report ""Development of a weighting approach for the Environmental Footprint" here.
  • Inclusion of biogenic CO2 flows: The biogenic CO2 flows in bio-based materials are now reported in TOTEM. This includes both the uptake of biogenic CO2 during the production of the building materials and the emissions of biogenic CO2 at end-of-life. 
  • Ecoinvent update: The database on which the generic data of the TOTEM library is based has been updated to a new version, Ecoinvent 3.6. 
  • EPDs in line with EN 15804+A2: 28 EPDs in line with EN 15804+A2 were added to the TOTEM database. The EPDs in line with the previous version EN 15804+A1 will no longer be available in the database. 
  • LCI indicators: The detailed results of a building or element now optionally show two LCI indicators: Renewable primary energy and Non-renewable primary energy  
  • Composed layer with more than 2 materials: Whereas until now it was only possible to create a composed layer in an element with a maximum of two components, it is now possible to combine up to four components in one layer. 
  • New naming structure: To improve the readability of the component library, the naming of both generic and specific components has been changed.   
  • Grouping of components in library: In order to improve the readability of the library, components with the same properties, but a different application or thickness, are now grouped together 
  • Public URL to share an element/project: It is now possible to publish a project, building or personalised element. By publishing a project, building or element, a public URL is generated that can easily be shared with other users.   
  • Overrule lifetime element: If the lifetime of an element EPD is longer than the lifetime assigned to a generic element of the same category, it may be used to overrule the lifetime of the element.   
  • Find similar components: This new functionality suggests a number of alternative components, ordered by similarity percentage in the library. 
  • A number of corrections were made in the element and component library. 

More details of this update are available here.  

This update may cause changes in the environmental costs of the library elements and of the elements of your projects. Therefore, when opening a project, an update procedure is suggested to you; we recommend that you choose the option "archive a copy of the current version and update the project to the latest version".   

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